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My Personal Reminder

Just a personal reminder to myself.. ¬†hopefully one day to look back at this and think¬†“Wow, I can’t believe I used to look like that and thought it was okay at that time.” My body has gone through some crazy changes in these past few years. Just to prove my point, this is a quick […]

30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge

As part of my fitness journey, I decided to sign up for a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge at Bikram Yoga West. The reason underlying me taking up this challenge is because I realise the reason I never succeed in keeping fit is because I lack discipline. I need challenges or some sort of incentive […]

Her Story

My tale is plain and simple. I’m just another 19 year old, working hard to get the body of my dreams. If you asked me what I wanted to do 5 years back, my answer would have been entirely different. This is because when I was 14 going on 15, I was your typical skinny […]