Injury, such a nuisance..

Ever reached that perfect point in life, where everything just fits. Holidays, ample time to hit the gym and really take care of the body; Motivation, having a burst of motivation because you know that there isn’t much more that you need to focus on; Reason, a designated point of time where you hope to make at least some slight changes to your body. Sounds great doesn’t it. With an upcoming rave that I will be attending plus Sabrina coming back for the holidays, I had even more of a rush to really do things right. Then what happens? I get injured.

Honestly I don’t think there is anything more demotivating than that. It’s something that no matter what, you basically don’t have complete control over it. For example if you just hit a low point in life, you can still force yourself to get to the gym. So anyway, about 2 weeks back I sustained a back injury. Not too serious, I think it was just a strain or sprain or whatever on my lower back. The moment I knew my back had been injured I just pictured the loss of my ability to do my squats and deadlifts. Two exercises which I was hoping to improve this time around. Especially my squats due to the pathetic weight that I use.


The logical thing to do would be to rest and give it time to recover. But I’m a very stubborn person and often have too much confidence in  my body’s capability to heal. So I didn’t stop going to the gym. I figure if I had for about a week it would be better by now. But I think of that as wasted time. For the first week, I wasn’t really able to do my normal routines especially for legs. I could hardly even carry the weight and walk around. But with the help of the equipment in the gym and a little thinking I managed to get the similar muscles worked out.

So my point is, after much pointless rambling, is that if you sustained an injury, don’t get demotivated. If you’re confident and I repeat, IF you are CONFIDENT that it’s not serious, think a little bit harder in the gym. Exercises are abundant and there will be something that  you will be able to. If not, go see a doctor or rest. It’s smarter to do the latter.

Wishing that this back will hurry up and heal already,



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