Just stepping into a gym isn’t good enough if you cannot envision results. Envision success. If you’re just starting out or even if you have been going for awhile. You may lose your motivation every now and then. And when you’re working out, if you don’t know how you want your body to look, how do you expect your body to turn into anything that will please you? Your body is a reflection of your mind. What you can imagine, you can achieve. And when I say imagine I mean you must be able to see it, to feel it and believe that you can achieve it. One of the best ways I feel can help is role models.

Do you have a hero?

Getting a role model allows you to have something to envision when you workout. Have sight of the target you want to achieve. For me, I have a few. Lazar Angelov, for body proportions and aesthetics; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greg Plitt, for their way of thinking in and out of the gym, and Frank Zane, for as far as I know is the only Ectomorph Mr. Olympia out there.

I am not the kind of person to lose my motivation easily. Even if I do I find myself able to regain it. But the role models I mentioned really help. Especially mentally. Your thoughts. They are by far the most important thing for you to master to get where ever you want to be. The moment your mind gives up, so does your body. But this does not work vice versa. Your mind can push you to accomplish things you never thought you could. So go around searching for role models that suit you. They really can help motivate you as well as give you visions of how you want to be. So go ahead and take some time to find a role model that can suit you, relate to you, or is just somebody whom you hope to be like. You will be able to paint a clearer picture of your journey. If you think having role models are stupid and you can accomplish things on your own, hey. Who am I to say otherwise. But just remember even Arnold Schwarzenegger, 6 time Mr. Olympia, mentions time and time again his role model, Reg Park.



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