What are you?

Before you begin your journey you must understand the most important part, yourself. In this post more specifically your physic. Basically there are three body types which are endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs. The type of body you have determines how you go about on nutrition and your workout plans. The picture I obtained from Lazar Angelov’s Facebook page pretty much summarises it up.


Remember however that this is just a general guideline on body types as not every person will fit perfectly into one group. But your mixture of characteristics can give you a rough idea. As for myself, I pretty much fit exactly into the ectomorph category. Hence I have slightly more freedom in choosing my food because I really do not gain weight easily. But of course it is still important as I want to increase my muscle mass and not fat percentage. To get the look that I aim for I need a fat percentage as low as around 5-8%. Hence, having that little freedom doesn’t mean I can eat whatever I want. But I still find the fact that I do not gain fat fast a very huge advantage as it allows me to live my life more freely. The downside to this however is that it is rather hard for me to gain weight and hence size.

As for mesomorphs and endomorphs, proper choice of food is of utmost importance as they gain fat easier. Their advantage however is that they have more capacity for size and gain it a lot easier. Also, if you fit into either of these groups, you’re going to have to do your cardio. Not a single paced cardio but High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which I will explain further in another post.

This is just a short post to help you understand what body type you have and what you should focus more on. As I said the picture really sums it up. If you need a more detailed picture of your body type, use the general guidelines here to help you decide and do some research into it to help you plan your optimum workout and nutrition plan. But remember, not everything works the same for everyone. You can be following the same workout and diet plan of a fellow mesomorph but end up with different results. So you will need to do some experimenting there to customise plans that best suit your own body. Also, the plans that you customise need to be in sync with your goals as some people may be looking for strength rather than aesthetics. So take some time figuring what you are and have a more fruitful workout and diet plan.



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