His take.

Being a fitness freak practically my whole life, its obvious that it would have been just a matter of time before I got into a gym. Not only to improve functionality but also aesthetics. Having an ectomorphic body, I have it easier than most people in the sense of the type of food I can take. But it takes slightly more effort to actually put on weight to have any visual impact. I have been skinny throughout my life although I have been constantly active in sports and martial arts. I walked into a gym with serious intent in February 2012. I had a friend to guide me through the starting but from then I have constantly read dozens of articles on bodybuilding and eventually customised my own workouts and goals. I would not consider the first 9 months of my journey as much of a step because I was still learning how to walk. Feeling that I now have a reasonable amount of knowledge and experience, I am embarking on a journey to reach the heights that would not be considered ordinary. Equipped with a world of knowledge at my finger tips from professionals and fellow enthusiasts, I believe I will be able to sculpt a not only pleasing but astounding physic. My journey into the gym started when a friend asked me to join him in a gym and I think that was it. The moment I started seeing changes I knew I was hooked. Before this all I could sculpt was my hair; I have now found out how to sculpt myself entirely to my liking. As I went on, I started realising I was addicted to the lifestyle. Eating healthy, feeling stronger, being able to do things I wasn’t able to before, and of course looking better than I have ever looked before. What I have found out along my short journey so far is that if your only goal is to hit the gym and hope for results, you either get nothing or give up entirely. It’s not easy that is for certain. But if it was easy it would not feel as good accomplishing it. I have neither the appropriate results nor certifications to give advice or criticize.  But I am absolutely certain that I will reach my goal. When I do, I want to be able to show everybody that anyone can do it with physical evidence of my journey and no tricks and gimmicks. I can however only speak for males as the female anatomy is completely different. But that is where Sabrina comes in. To show all you girls out there that countless hours on the threadmill at moderate speeds is not gonna do you anything except waste your time. Its like trying to carry 10 heavy boxes by hand when there is a forklift beside you that you can use. I believe that her aims to look fit but still look feminine can relate to almost every girl out there who wants to make a change. I am very motivated in this matter and strive for perfection. While other aim for friends with relatively good bodies, I aim for internationally recognised individuals. Every time you say you can’t, you’re just giving excuses. If you somehow found this blog early on, why not join me at the same time I’m pursuing this dream and change your body into something you never thought possible. I don’t have a personal trainer nor do I intend to get one, I don’t have loads of money to get the amount of supplements many bodybuilders use. I pump my heart out at the gym and try to eat as healthy as I can. It may take longer, but I will get there.

Please take into account that neither Sabrina nor I have the qualifications to advice nor do we claim to have anything of such. Hence, anything Sabrina and I say in the blog are purely in our opinion and for us to keep track of. If you choose to follow anything stated within the entirety of the blog, please do research it before jumping into it.



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